Dave Thomson

Dave Thomson

Dave Thomson is a Registered Professional Forester and environmental consultant to the renewable energy and resource management sectors with more than 10 years of experience in renewable energy and 36 years in the resource management.

Dave’s core competencies include: project management, environmental assessments, transmission line and road access planning, agency consultation and coordination, stakeholder relations, project approvals and permitting, environmental auditing, land acquisition, and due diligence reviews.

Dave’s renewable energy experience includes waterpower projects, solar projects, transmission lines and roads.

Patrick Gillette

Patrick Gillette

An accomplished Ontario renewable energy executive, Patrick holds more than 20 years of experience in site acquisition, project development, and government relations. With a natural entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision for energy development, Patrick has carried projects through the entire development cycle – from acquisition through to build.

Patrick was key in the founding of two successful development ventures – Xeneca Power Development, and Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC). Under Patrick’s leadership, Xeneca captured 19 FIT contracts in the 2010 round. As a lead member of the CREC executive team, Patrick guided the Misema hydroelectric plant through to build and operation, and was part of the original development team of the 200 MW Wolfe Island wind project.

Sebastian Belmar

Sebastian Belmar

Sebastian Belmar-Lucero is a biologist with nearly 10 years of experience in wildlife and ecology research. He has extensive experience planning and conducting wildlife surveys, as well as conducting technical literature reviews on diverse topics related to wildlife.

Our Partners

Thomson Environmental routinely partners with key environmental and technical experts to provide clients with the best technical support available.
Please visit our partners websites to learn more about them:
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Based in Thunder Bay, Northern Bioscience offers professional consulting services supporting ecosystem management, inventory, and research. Their principals combine strong academic backgrounds and experience working for government with an extensive network of professional associates. They are among the leaders in understanding the boreal flora, fauna and ecosystems in northern Ontario. Northern Bioscience can assemble a multi-disciplinary team of environmental to provide a full range of ecological services.


CRD Energy is focused on small hydroelectric, providing assessment and application services for Small FIT projects. Each member of our consulting team has had more than 20 years of Ontario energy market experience across public or private sectors. We bring a deep appreciation of the complex challenges facing Ontario developers, and can provide you with the guidance and solutions your business needs to successfully navigate the Small FIT process. Learn more here.

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Based in Thunder Bay, TBT Engineering is comprised of a team of highly skilled technical and professional staff dedicated to providing quality services on a wide range of projects through planning, design, investigation, and construction phases. Services include: Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Services, Materials Testing, Surveying, and Drilling Services.


The Lakehead University Centre for the Application of Resource Information Systems (LU-CARIS - funded in 1983) is a fully integrated digital database provider focused on natural resources applications. The Centre, located in the Faculty of Natural Resources Management, serves the needs of both LU researchers and external resource managers for accurate, timely and cost-efficient data, analysis/modelling and custom-solutions with up-to-date remote sensing, GIS and GPS technologies. External professional and internal academic training and technology transfer, including Internet integration, in these technologies are integral parts of the Centre. Recent developments include the use of segmentation techniques for improved classification of high-resolution imagery as well as the incorporation of high-end spatial modelling and 3-d visualization tools

Sumac logo


Sumac provides high resolution remote sensing, survey and inventory solutions to assist companies who need answers to spatial questions. Class leading technology and an analytical approach, provides primary industry clients across Canada, rich data sets and insightful information for a wide range of applications, including Mining, Agriculture, Forestry and Land development.


Woodland Heritage Services provides professional archaeological resource management services (archaeology consulting and professional licensed archaeologists) and conducts archaeological and historical research throughout Ontario. Learn more here.