Water Landscape


Thomson Environmental has extensive experience in the planning and approval of waterpower projects in Ontario. We can streamline your project's development, from initial planning through approvals and construction.

Our experience and expertise includes:


Project Management

  • Agency coordination
  • Time and budget control
  • Permitting and site release

Waterpower Class EAs

  • EA management and writing
  • Planning and coordination of background and technical studies using both in-house and locally accepted and highly respected partner firms
  • Optimization of background and technical studies to meet agency requirements in an efficient manner

Stakeholder Outreach and Public Consultation

  • Idnetification of values and stakeholders specific to each project and implementation of a prioritized contact plan to work with individuals and groups in project planning

Distribution Line and Access Planning

  • Optimized layout of access road and distribution line layout to minimize cost and environmental impacts
  • Technical and field study planning and coordination
  • Transmission line approvals, permitting and clearing
  • Road layout, approvals and construction management
  • Water crossing assessment, planning and permitting

Digital Aerial Photography and GIS Mapping

  • In-house and in partnership with experienced local firms

Bathymetry Mapping

  • Field collection of bathymetry data
  • Preparation of bathymetry maps

Permitting and Site Release

  • Agency coordination
  • Preparation of applications for permits and approvals

Construction Environmental Management

  • Construction environmental management plans
  • Construction environmental monitoring